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Scarlet Clover Publishers –Red Clover comes in three varieties: Scarlet – the most intense, crimson, and pink. Intense literary books.

All Scarlet Clover books are available in Paperback and e-Book through Amazon and Kindle.


A Royce Madison Mystery: 4
by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers
Released in 2016

Sheriff Royce Madison has always wanted to solve a cold-case crime. It has been a mystery that had perplexed her father decades ago. It had always remained in the back of Royce’s mind. However, the summer was getting too complicated for her to find time to look backward.

The had been dispatched to assist in fighting one of the rampaging wildfires in Colorado’s backcountry. The murder of a gun merchant interrupted her firefighting tour – and she returned back to Timber City. Crime in Timber County hadn’t taken a vacation while she was away.

Could the crimes be connect? If so, how? Add to that, her personal life was unraveling. She was nearly too busy to notice that her ex had returned to Timber. She had two murders to solve.


Suspense Fiction by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers
Released in 2016

Randa Florez is an award-winning newspaper reporter. She is the only member of the press granted interviews with murderer Jona Beck. Beck had brutally murdered her drug dealer and perhaps others.

The drifter/drug addict avoided the death penalty by using the insanity plea. But when she escapes, her enemy’s list not only includes Randa Florez…but the reporter is at the top of Beck’s execution list.

That is not a healthy place to be, as Randa learns.

The women in her life concur. Alison Pagette is the stunning executive that glides in and out of Randa’s life. She strong suggests Randa take precautions. Randa meets Officer Nevada O’Bryan – and has feeling for the adorable cop. Nevada would like to be her bodyguard.

Her discordant family agrees that Randa needs to be careful. The paternal Florez side of her family worries about her safety. A rift with her mother, Erika Randolph, and her maternal grandparents, becomes its own worry. Her grandmother is dying, and Randa refurses to be at the woman’s bedside. She has her reasons.

Life is a puzzle and Randa Florez desperately needs to find the solution – terror is near.


Poetry by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers
Released in 2016

Each moment in our lives is Once. This book of poetry has been constructed in the last half century. I suppose it would be deemed a modern poem. Contemporary. Once Word is created in four parts: Planetary Lesson Guide, Super Cosmic Vision, Odyssey of a Heartbeat; and We, An American.

Excerpt: We are simply a gusting breath, beating heart, rivulets of gushing blood, an energy winding through a universe of electrical sensors, and a complex intellect that often utilizes some spirit of our being.

Footnote: Poetry is an occasion of now. Thoughts, preludes to dreams, sensitivities, conscious images, passion, contrasts, a portrait of where and when we are. And if we are fortunate we are allowed to write who we are and why we think we are.

…….That’s it really.


A Royce Madison Mystery: 3
by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers
Released in 2015

In the third Royce Madison Mystery, Sheriff Madison and her deputies are searching for a missing woman. A newcomer to Timber County disappears without a trace. When there is the murder of that woman’s brother, the plot most certainly thickens.

Royce not only has her hands full with this crime, but there is also a planned protest against the burial of a homosexual soldier.

In addition, her personal life seems to be falling apart. Royce’s fifteen year relationship is ending. The sheriff is now facing her midlife crisis and she fears life will never again be happy. She longs for the tranquility in her Colorado mountain town. As well as the tranquility’s return to her life.

Shinney Forest Cloaks, along with Timber City Masks, and Crystal Mountain Veils, have been on the Amazon 100 Best-Seller GLBT Mystery list through 2015. Shinney Forest Cloaks was also a Hot Amazon Release.

Available in Paperback through Amazon, and e-book through Kindle.



Romance on the Road
by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers LLC
Released 2015

What happens on a Sapphic’s Country-Western Tour Bus? What happens on stage? Country songs are packed with heartaches, happiness, betrayal, and romance. Primrose is romance on the road.

Megan Holloway was hooking up with a country-western musical group called Primrose. Each member of the group had hit a wrong note or two. Road manager, Fran Tobias, was a longtime functioning alcoholic with a heart of gold. Band member Selina and Camille’s relationship was threatened when Megan flirted with the beguiling Camille.

Bombshell BlueJean was a radio personality at the country-western station in Denver. The band’s string of gigs would include performing in Denver. Would Megan be able to withstand the dazzling BlueJean’s charisma?

Available in Paperback and e-Book at Amazon and Kindle.



It was a translucent soul
I’d shared with her.
Newfound love,
unforgettable romance –
and us.

Kelly Benjamin is turning twenty when a skiing accident accelerates her life’s plan. Most importantly, her desire to write poetry is enhanced, and rushed. She hungers for adventure that might become her poem.

Touring Kelly’s Poem,  takes place in 1963. Kelly is a student in a small Kansas town. After her dangerous close call, she relocates to spend her junior year in college out of the country – where she believes she can inhale, covet, and explore poetry.

In the early Sixties women’s roles were cast for them. Be a ‘nice’ girl, and find a good man, and settle down. That was never on Kelly’s agenda.

In this enormous volume of two books in one, Kelly’s journey begins with her travels to Mexico City. There she will not only study poetry – but also life. With humor, and with the pathos known to youth, Kelly wants to earn the intricacies of love.

Guiding Kelly on her love-quest are her roommates. They are: Nora, a ‘proper-minded’ fellow student; Erika, a wild European prostitute; and Leigh, a lesbian archeology student. Along the way she also meets ‘good catch’ husband material. Her parents would approve of Eduardo, Carlos, and Kirk.

An assortment of roommates, and acceptable young men, should have been enough excitement for her. Then she met the beguiling Doctora. Now that was enough excitement for any one.

Available in Paperback and eBook at Amazon.



by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers, LLC
Released 2015

A billy club came down hard on the woman’s brow.

The moment Olivia Kirby noticed the outraged policeman’s hand lift, she had whirled around. Facing him directly, she reacted.

Her camera was fully loaded, and she shot a sequence of the police officer hurling a barrage of blows

Stunned women surrounded the scene. Every filament of thought became mystical and far away. Several screams lifted and ricocheted around the barroom, as if coming from a different planet. Things were different in the gay and lesbian world of the mid-sixties. It was a precarious era, as photographer Olivia Kirby would learn.

Human beings reside within the heart of time. We are born inside a slot of actuality. Our soul lights up at the time and place where we become our own.

Olivia had just moved to Denver, Colorado. She entered the shabby lesbian bar, where she witnessed the commission of a crime. From then on she was endangered – hunted by the killer. Terrified, she hid out – and hoped. Hatred and bigotry are always dangerous enemies – and Olivia was encountering them.

On the way to saving herself – she fell in love. It was then she realized the true lesson of romance and friendship. If love is the art of shelter – maybe we can all become more cognizant of taking care of one another – sheltering one another.

Available in Print Book and e-Book from  Amazon.com.


Sapphic Poetry by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers
Released in 2015

Realm of Belonging is Kieran York’s second volume of Sapphic Poetry. Her first volume, Blushing Aspen, was the 2014 Sappho’s Corner Solo Poets Series selection. A Poetry recipient of the Rainbow Award’s Honorable Mention, it was also a nominee for the 2014 Golden Crown Literary Society Award.

In the world’s immense vastness –
we belong.
In the immeasurable universe-
we monopolize one another’s dreams.
I was her sidekick – but I impacted her.
Now I am the best investment she ever made.
No one could love her more.
My only true enterprises was my desire for her –
and her happiness.
We shall live together for all times
in the Realm of Belonging
~ Kieran York, Realm of Belonging 

Available in Paperback or e-Book through Amazon


by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers
Released 2015

Beryl Trevar, Rachel Rosen, and Summer Wade are always on duty when it comes to in intriguing murder case. The Sapphic trio is an amazing blend of savvy, intelligence, sensuality, daring, and heart.

The detective Team knows how to use each attribute, and they also know how to use their Berettas. They live in Palm Beach, Florida aboard a yacht. Each woman has an exciting, intricate, and entangled backstory. Each has her own reasons for wanting to capture the badasses of the world.

The Team has another commonality. They all have an enormous appreciate of women. They’re all touch, edgy, tender, gorgeous, and resilient. What more can main characters hope to be?

Their yacht is named The Radclyffe-Hull. Hmmmm. Well, then ! Was the word romantic used in the Team’s description? If not, it should have been.

They are a Team of brave and clever romantics!

Available at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/author/kieranyork/


A Short Story Collection
by Kieran York
Released 2015

This book of short fiction is about lesbian events, considerations, and lives. There is a variety of serious topics, humor, and stories about women in all walks of life. There are twenty heart-warming, heart-breaking, and intriguing glimpses of comedy and drama inside our lives.

It is life in Lesbos, frontier women’s lives – lesbians in various aspects of our modern life. It is about women of different ages, different groups, and at different times in their lives. It is about women who love women.

These are our stories about traveling this glove within our celebration!

Available in Print and e-Book through Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/author/kieranyork/



by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers, 2014

The Brent family might very well be called out of control. Some might ascribe the word madcap to them. What a cast! What a story they weave.

From giggles to tears and back again – they provide it all.

The mother, Willa Brent, is sometimes befuddled and often staunch. At times she’s wiser than any sagacious parent has a right to be. Three sisters, approaching forty, are usually at odds. But their disharmony becomes intensified after an announcement of sudden wealth.

Eldest daughter Isabel is the housewife. Middle daughter is Vicky – a lesbian copywriter. Youngest is Leandra – the stunning ex-convict.

The trio is usually at odds, just more so after the announcement of wealth. Half a million dollars brings sibling rivalry, not only front and center, but to a new high. These women are colorful and could be mistaken for ditzy, zany, quirky, or flaky. As far as their quaint, sweet Littleton, Colorado neighborhood goes – the women fit in beautifully.

One night their lives were rearranged forever. They understood the meaning of fortune.

It was a Night Without Time!


by Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers, 2014

Bryana Hays and her long-time partner, Michelle Dawson, were in their early sixties. They had dreamed of a comfortable retirement in Denver, Colorado. They could have never envisioned being penniless and living on a Kansas far.

The far was located near Buffalo Plains, Kansas, a town controlled by the wealthy, powerful, and bigoted Roland family. The Rolands had a special disdain for the two new residents of their community. Tank Roland’s land bordered the Hays Farm. He would like nothing better than to expand his wild game hunting reserve by getting title to Bryana and Michelle’s property.

The women were overwhelmed with their work, so their best friend from Denver, L.J. Tracy, arrived with what she thought might be an answer to their farmhand problem. Ricki James was an ex-juvenile delinquent, a hardcore dyke, and was not meant for the homophobic small town.

Bryana questioned if she and Michelle would ever again know peace and tranquility. She wondered if they could save the farm – not only for themselves, but also for the wildlife.

The thought remained. Year after year, her father had tended the land…And now she understood the peril involved when the gamble was against fate. Just as her parents had taken stewardship over the land seriously, Bryana knew the land required reverence.


BLUSHING ASPEN – Poetry by Kieran York Sappho’s Corner Solo Poets Series, Volume 4 2014
Rainbow Award Honorable Mention in Poetry

The aspen trees sends out its branches – grown by days and years. Limbs are the expandable balance of life. Each branch fills with twigs and leaves. Our lives are similar to trees. Time and events nourish us, and weather us. Branches often are both cultivated to display wonder and menaced to show years. Each year the Aspen’s splendor reaches into the sky and presents it magnificent show of color. From green, to gold, to crimson – the spectacular display amazes. Autumn’s intensity is celebrated with its insignia of the aspen.

Our celebration is often remembrances. In Blushing Aspen, I offer my impressions – they encompass the sizzle of newfound life and love. Heartaches and hard times merge with laughter and happiness. There were seasons of learning about both our lives, and the lives of others. Closely, we examined bigotry – because it stalked us. As Sapphic women, we gathered and became sisters. Much of my poetry is about these days. I am glad for them all. I am fortunate for my family, friends, and my lovely lady. I am a blessed and blushing aspen.


By Kieran York
Published by Scarlet Clover Publishers
Released 2015 Fleur Hamilton is a botanist with an important project and a pending grant. She is also in a relationship that has taken a critical turn. Life isn’t turning out to be a simple as she had hoped. Then, she enters her fourth decade and loses her Aunt Golda.Suddenly, Fleur discovers that nothing is as she believed it to be. Ever the scientist, she becomes obsessed with discovering the truth about her aunt, and about her own roots.As she slowly uncovers her parents’ Hippie era lives and her Aunt Golda’s past as a Holocaust survivor, their stories become her own. Fleur is thrust into a crossroads, forced to make a horrific decision. Her unearthed heritage strengthens her as it directs her, and the past becomes her tutor to the future.

Peace and love, hatred and pain, all become her reality. As these opposing worlds converge, Fleur must discover herself. Only then will she be able to deal with her broken relationship, and her future.

Please visit Amazon and Kindle for Paperbacks and e-Books.



For artist Danielle O’Hara, even though romance is nonexistent and her art career has nearly stagnated, she’s reasonably content with her circumstances. Then, when she’s nearly sixty years old, the greatest adventure of her life begins.Danielle leaves her Colorado home to attend her first major solo art exhibit in London. While roaming through a street market, Danielle catches sight of her first and only true love, Molly, who had left Colorado and their relationship thirty years earlier.

Danielle never accepted Molly’s explanation that the reason their relationship had dissolved was Danielle’s compulsion to paint. Although the art world has provided Danielle only minimal recognition, an undying belief in herself has kept her moving forward.

Her encounter with Molly forces Danielle to revisit the past and to confront an uncertain future. In addition to finding Molly again after three decades, she meets Bethany Cortland, a beguiling, confident woman, who is all that Danielle desires in a woman-everything, that is, except that she’s not

Molly.The London journey takes Danielle on a trip to the interior of her heart, a place where previously, only her art had been allowed. Now, against her will, she discovers that love and professional success have their own agendas and timetables. Appointment with a Smile is a 2013 Lambda Literary Award Finalist. Appointment with a Smile is available through Amazon and Kindle in both Paperback and e-Book.


TIMBER CITY MASKS (1993/2015)Introducing Royce Madison, sheriff’s department die-hard deputy and soft-spoken dyke-about-town. When Royce’s father, the venerable Sheriff Grady Madison, was killed, his murder went unsolved. Haunted by her father’s death, Royce vowed that no other murder would go unsolved in Timber City, Colorado.

In this intriguing adventure, Royce explores the boundaries of sexuality, racial prejudice, family loyalty, and small-town fears as she searches for the murderer of her lover’s best friend. Possible suspects abound in the murder of the wealthy Trish Chandler-Sumner.

Was it her no-good, jealous husband Luther, who also happens to be the sheriff’s brother? could it have been Ray, the gentle, guitar-playing, young Native American implicated by one questionable witness?

When Valeria, the object of Royce’s obsession, reveals that she was sexually involved with the murdered woman, the table tilts. But who knows the truth? What mask hides the real killer?

Unsolved crime means we haven’t struggled hard enough for the truth. I hate being robbed of truth. And if we accept the blank page and tag an innocent person, we’re accepting a lie. When law enforcers do that, the law becomes neutralized. Our inaction can put us on the inside of a mask, looking out. No better than the perpetrator.   —Royce Madison

Timber City Masks is available for purchase on Amazon.com at the following link:



As if finding out who really killed tabloid gossip monger Sandra Holt weren’t challenge enough, Timber County’s acting sheriff Royce Madison also has to deal with a drifting stalking her girlfriend and an election opponent who’s ready to fight dirty.

With the Family Morals Coalition pumping big bucks into her opponent’s campaign and everybody in town anxious for her to make an arrest, Royce has to dig deep.

As for the columnist’s death: everybody has a motive, and (almost) everybody has an alibi. Only another murder could make the case more complex.

Crystal Mountain Veils
is available for purchase on Amazon.com at the following link:



SUGAR WITH SPICE: A Collection of Short Fiction (1989)

Kieran York’s collection of short fiction touches upon many of the challenges that are common to today’s lesbian.

In an unusual introductory short story, the author says: We’ve all been waltzed around by love and picked clean by love. Slice and dice of the heart. Spice and dykes of the trousers. And there have been those glistening moments of captivation. Hearts touching. Clutching in love. History unwinds and memories flow. Bitter-sweet reminiscences of raffish youth and the lessons of sorrow.

There are three dozen short stories. Sex sequins dot the pages. Sweetness flavors and savors some of the happy-ending dreams. This was not a collection meant to play roulette with a reader’s sensibilities. I was compelled to intersperse the pale with the plucky. I crave shock value, and I’m going to get it, I roared.

Today Kieran York discloses the writing journey of years ago. Laughing, she remembers, “I’d go into the lesbian bar once a week – on Friday night. There were some women I knew, and some I didn’t. It didn’t matter, they would talk, and I would listen, inquire, and recall what they discussed.

“Some women’s most interesting event would be related, some were memories from their past. I’d make notes, or memorize, those fragmented tales.

“I’d read Chaucer. Taking a page from his tell-alls, I simply gathered barroom literature. And then, I tweaked it. Short fiction was reconstructed, rearranged, and written from narrative, anecdotes, yarns, and legends. Each fable, and sometimes several would merge, to make the ‘no-partition’ story.

“Throughout the weekend, I’d finish the work. Each week there was an addition to my collection. Finally, it felt like enough stories to make a book – and it was SUGAR WITH SPICE.”

SUGAR WITH SPICE: A Collection of Short Fiction is available for purchase at Amazon.com at the following link:



Wet Violets: Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series, Volume 3 Edited by Beth Mitchum
Published by UltraViolet Love Publishing

Amazon Best-Seller #1 Gay and Lesbian Poetry – Hot New Release –
Roses Read: Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series, Volume 3  Edited by Beth Mitchum
Published by UltraViolet Love Publishing
Delectable Daisies, Volume 4,
and Fallen Petals, Volume 5




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