Free Speech

Whew. We all know there is Free Speech, and there is Below-the-belt Speech. One attacks beliefs, thoughts, and opinions, etc. The other attacks people’s personal attributes.

Be my guest – go for my opinions. I don’t expect everyone to opine the same way I do. Nor would I want that. Because exchanging ideas makes me smarter. Conversation improves my knowledge and informs me. I encourage sharing ideas.

And bring on your emotion. My emotions run high when innocent children – people are slaughtered. Sixteen years ago youngsters were gunned down while attending high school. It happened a dozen blocks away from my home. These were students I’d seen around the neighborhood. One had been our paperboy years before.

Our area of Columbine was never the same after April of 1999. The impact of the tragedy has touched our community. Tragedy. It is so commonplace now that it’s called an incident.

I was never the same after that day either. I worked hard writing letters, making calls, and supporting in any way I could. I am a victim’s rights advocate. And for sixteen years have not forgotten that it is our civic duty to protect one another and ourselves.

Days ago, I again felt frustrated and hopeless. Columbine was meant to be an emblem of courage and strength to see that our young people are safe. We want future generations to be secure.

Columbine High School has become a primer for future killers to study. Mass murderers who want to be rock-stars research it. They are self-styled celebrity-seeking malcontents. They take life as if it is no more than a tally of their evil. Yes, that angers me. Inhumanity angers me, and yes it saddens me.

I’ve tired of being a mediator for logic. I’m done being an apologist for sick people who want headlines, and are sane enough to get them. So I’ve become vocal about ways to stop the madness.

Those who object to any suggestions I might present, fine. I implore you to solve the problem. Something that hasn’t been tried. We’ve spent billions to solve the problem. It hasn’t worked. All of our efforts have simply produced failed policy. Sixteen years and countless deaths have not made us safer.

My opinions may not be what people want to hear. I don’t want to say them. No one has to respect or accept my words. Argue your points. Tell me respectively about your thoughts.

I’ve shunned confrontation. Admittedly it’s my journalism background of seeing both sides objectively. But recently I’m realizing that my suggestions, thoughts, feelings, should be heard.We don’t need to agree. We need to be civil. That exchange of thought might give way to an idea that will work.

But there is no need to personally attack me. Not only is it against FB policy, but it is unsportsperson like.

Please, be kind if there is a disagreement. You can tear apart my logic, my thoughts, my opinions. .

And your attack on people may break their hearts. They may have thought you a better person.


Touring Poem

Touring Kelly's Poem Cover WIP blue back red Kieran tyoewriter


Decades ago I took notes, constructed a book, rewrote the book, and had a contract with a major publishing house. With the lucrative contract came a paragraph that required I change the ending of the book. I declined.

With all the conceit of a young, inexperienced writer, I expected them to understand that I couldn’t possibly change the ending. After all, they were madly in love with the manuscript. They would publicize it as being the literary link between Catcher in the Rye and Fear of Flying.

They were going to make my book famous – if the ending could be rewritten. But they weren’t going to budge about their resolve to have heterosexuality ride off into the sunset with the main character.

Those were the times. But I didn’t want the times to reconstruct my book. The contract was torn up. The manuscript was tossed into a closet. I stayed out of the closet. For years, I would pick it up and play with it. A sadness would end up overwhelming me. And I returned it to a dusty shelf.

I’m sure Touring Kelly’s Poem became lonely packed away, forgotten, unread, unwanted.

At one point I had attempted to shop it to the feminist press. The lesbian publishers weren’t interested – because the main character did what most women of that era did. She tried a man first. I wanted to be true to the times – and that’s what most women did during the early nineteen-sixties.

Into a cardboard box, and out to the corner of a garage the manuscript went. I revitalized it from time to time. Then when the time was right – it was suddenly right.

Scarlet Clover Publishers LLC was born. My previous publisher had gone out of business. And Scarlet Clover seemed like the answer.

I’m certain that after three or four name changes, dozens of various cold storage homes, Touring Kelly’s Poem was tired. And undoubted felt defeated. With a chance to tell the story through a new, more accepting timeline, I retrieved the manuscript.

A little CPR was needed to breathe new life into it. It was still alive, and breathing, and its heart only need a little shock. I prettied it up, polishing it, shining it, and preparing it for print.

I’m still not certain if I fell back in love with it, or I never fell out of love with it. No matter, it’s alive and well. It has been released on Kindle, and will soon be available in print from Amazon.

Born, reborn – I have no idea. It is the making of a poet. Allegorical, perhaps. When the book proof arrived at my front door, I opened it. I held it and yes, I cried. It deserved my tears – and my laughter. Touring Kelly’s Poem – Yep! Keep believing and good things happen. I love a happy ending.

To find out more about Touring Kelly’s Poem, I invite you to my Author’s page at:

Century Link Stink

Century Link Stink – Plenty Awful!

Century Link touts quick speed. For the ten days I was without landline and internet service, I heard their commercials bragging about how Century Link offers speed. Well, as a dissatisfied consumer – the REPAIR  service ain’t so speedy!

No, there was no major catastrophic reason (storms, floods, etc.) for being without service. Nor was there anything other than poor management and incompetence that was prohibiting the repairing.

On Tuesday, Jan. 6, my internet failed. I called the repair line, and found out that my landline was also gone. Then I was transferred to another consultant. I couldn’t understand much of the conversation. I was told that there was a power outage and service would be out until Saturday, Jan. 10th. I thought I hadn’t heard correctly.

When Saturday rolled around, my service was not resumed. Then, I was told by a hotshot (not so much) PR (hardly) guy named FitzDavid that they couldn’t get a repair person until the 14th. Nine days without service. And Fitzy was such a jerk – I gave up the argument saying that it was inexcusable, and terribly lame to treat consumers in such a way.

Wed., the 14th, came around, I was told that they were short of repair folks. Company foresight is such a wonderful thing. So, it was the next day when my service was finally repaired.

Power outage? Maybe. But what was happening, I found out later, was that Century Link was putting up something called Prism. They’d been hawking a new TV system, and as they attempted to get that developed, the land line system was destroyed, and they hadn’t hired enough properly trained folks to handle the crush.

And the person who had been a customer for thirty-five years could sit without phone and internet. For ten days – that’s one third of the month, we could pine over the ads on TV telling about fast internet. We didn’t have any internet at all – not even slow internet. And no phone service to boot.

The quote ‘Let them eat cake.’ popped into my mind. What the flummery! Corporate America deserves a rant. My landline phone and network provider deserves my wrath.

I hate to complain. Really I do. I usually just let it go. I don’t have time to stand in a ‘complaint’ line, nor do I have time to write a blog about ten days without a service that a corporation pledged to the PUC and FCC that they would keep operable.

However, suppose it was an elderly person with only a landline connecting them to emergency operations? Suppose it was a single mother, depending on that landline?

The corporate overseers will keep gouging the corporation to get their enormous salary. They will spout their jingle-jangle lies and cover-ups. Whose fault was it? Lower rung employees? A construction company was digging and hit a wire? Or maybe it was greedy corporate America unwilling to spend the money to prevent the problems that they create, and fail to take care of.

Century Link gets a failing grade. If it was a damaged cable – it should have been fixed in a proper and timely manner. The consumer deserves the service that the provider promised the PUC and FCC that they would deliver.

Hold the line while I evaluate the service, I heard that message for days. Well, I’m evaluating the Century Link service. I’m sending missives to the FCC, PUC, Colorado Attorney General -consumer division, AARP, Colorado Consumer Line, and various investigative media platforms.

The Century Link Stink needs to be aired!

Have a nice day!


What’s Next?

Coming up September 2014 – A new release from Scarlet Clover Publishers:
Earthen Trinkets

If you liked Appointment with a Smile, I think you’ll like Earthen Trinkets!

An over-sixty couple, a dilapidated Kansas farm near a seemingly bigoted small town, a twenty-two year old ex-juvie, financial woes, a wildlife reserve next door…and – This surely couldn’t be the tranquil retirement the two women had worked for all their adult lives.

From the Jacket:

Bryana Hays and her longtime partner, Michelle Dawson, were in their early sixties. They had dreamed of a comfortable retirement in Denver, Colorado. They could never have envisioned being penniless and living on a Kansas farm.

The farm was located near Buffalo Plains, Kansas – a town controlled by the wealthy, powerful, and bigoted, Roland family. The Rolands had a special disdain for the two new residence of their community. Tank Roland’s land bordered the Hays farm. He would like nothing better than to expand his wild game hunting reserve by getting title to Bryana and Michelle’s property.

The women were overwhelmed with work, so their best friend from Denver, L.J. Tracy, arrived with what she thought might be an answer to their farmhand problem. Ricki James was an ex-juvenile delinquent, a hardcore dyke, and was not meant for the homophobic small town.

Bryana questioned if she and Michelle would ever again know peace and tranquility. She wondered if they could save the farm – not only for themselves, but also the wildlife:

The thought remained. Year after year, her father had tended the land…And now she understood the peril involved when the gamble was against fate. Just as her parents had taken their stewardship over the land seriously, Bryana knew the land required reverence.

A second release by Kieran York shortly after release of Earthen Trinkets:

Night Without Time

The Brent family might very well be called ‘out of control.’ Some might ascribe the word madcap to them.

What a cast! What a story they weave. From giggles to tears – they provide it all.

One Day their lives were changed forever. A fortune presented itself.

The mother, Willa Brent, is sometimes befuddled and often staunch. At times she’s wiser than any sagacious parent has a right to be. Three sisters, approaching forty, are usually at odds. But their disharmony becomes intensified after the announcement of sudden wealth.

Eldest daughter Isabel is the housewife. Middle daughter is Vicky – a lesbian copywriter. Youngest is Leandra – a stunning ex-convict. The trio is maladjusted by nature – but after the announcement of wealth, more so than ever. Half a million dollars bring sibling rivalry, not only front and center, but to a new high.

These women are colorful and could be mistaken for ditzy, zany, quirky, or flaky. As far as their quaint, sweet Littleton, Colorado neighborhood goes – the women fit in beautifully.

One Night their lives were rearranged forever. They understood the meaning of fortune.
It was a Night Without Time!

Also being reprinted and reissued are Appointment with a Smile and Careful Flowers.

More releases to come in 2015. Scarlet Clover Publishers knows that Red Clover comes in three varieties: Scarlet is the most intense, crimson, and pink. Fields of Scarlet Clover are not bashful.

Introducting Scarlet Clover

Introducing Scarlet Clover Publishers!

On Monday authors of Blue Feather Books, Ltd., received an email. The nearly decade-old publishing company is to be dissolved.

For me it was very sad news. A book company would be lost. On a personal note, I grieve for what made Blue Feather Books special – Emily Reed, and the staff of Blue Feather Books, cared. Em cared about the authors and about the readers.

Emily took a chance on my book about a sixty-year old woman finding romance in Appointment with a Smile. She took another chance on a book that was uncomfortable – it talked about two war. There were Hippies and a Concentration Camp – good and evil of life. Careful Flowers might have gone unpublished if not for Em. She is a hero to me, and I thank her and wish her the best.

I wish Em, and all the authors of BFB a happy future. Speaking of authors, and the world of publishing – there are so many magnificent women providing today’s Sapphic literature. I’m so very proud to be part of this ‘golden era’ of words.

Ann Bannon wrote a few books that changed many of our lives. Emily Reed reconstructed a publishing company – and gave so many of us an opportunity. Beth Mitchum created not only her own brilliant work, but she’s promoted women’s poetry and fiction with her amazing publishing company, Ultra Violet Love, and Sappho’s Corner Series.

Blazing the way in the enormity of Sapphic literature, these leaders have forced the best in us. As writers and as readers. Each book written makes a commitment to the future. So I thank all those who read and who write. I also thank the Reader – they support our cause.

For me there is no competition. I truly admire each of the publishing houses, and the authors. We all make one another better, and stronger. So let’s keep constructing words, and our love of the scrambled alphabet. I wish you all good fortune.

Monday, after reading the email that took a little part of my heart, I became determined to contribute in some way to Sapphic writing. I put a dream together in my mind. I’m a technologically imperiled. Uncertain how I could realize this dream, I talked with my mentor and dear friend, Beth Mitchum. She has always encouraged me. And that was when Scarlet Clover was born.

The name, Scarlet Clover – well, yes, it is after my dog, Clover. The scarlet part – well, I know that red clover comes in varieties. Scarlet (the most intensely red), crimson, and pink. My sister loves the Scarlet Clover.

Fields of Scarlet Clover are not bashful.

Eternal Beginnings – To Be Continued

A reblog –

Kieran York

Recently I was mentioned in Bev Prescott’s blog – I don’t like tofu-dogs, nor do I want to be one. I had posted a quote on Facebook and it was of some assistance to her. That pleased me immensely – I highly respect both her blogs, and her amazing classic, My Soldier Too. This novel addresses the treatment of gays and lesbians in the military.

Her blog was brilliant, and she explains so much of the writer’s soul in so few words. Bravo, Bev.

That spurred my own thoughts about my generation’s love affair with the printed page. Also our quest to find literature. Yes, it was a struggle to find information on lesbianism. It was a hushed, scorned, and suppressed topic.

Unfortunately, in many areas of the world, it remains so. Yet with each level of elevated education – and empathy, there is a breakdown of bigotry. We continue marching. One…

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Blushing Aspen front cover 1carefulflowers4

Blushing Aspen in a newly released volume of poetry. What is it about – about 170 pages, and about over half a century of my life and times. My poetry is about love, and loss, and about the splendor of life.

Some poems are about the inequality and bigotry of yesterday and of today. “Gleams from a Heartbeat” displays our loneliness. “Moonshine” tells the story of isolation. It is about being abandoned or bullied by bigots and about being found by love.
from “Sapphic Adolescence:
We were consigned to our own realms when we came of age.
The lesbian nation matched us perfectly.
That DNA was rockin’.
Who we were, how we were born,
should never have hurt anyone.
Including us.

Naturally, my love of women comes in. From “Homespun Heart” to “Wilting Romance” – women are involved. And my love of today. – “Treasured” and “My Aviatrix – My Love.”
From “Touring with my Wilding” an excerpt:
For it is our heritage – so gently dispatched.
We assemble – as two nomads mandated with laurels.
Lifting peaks are vistas insisting on gratitude.
I hold her in my arms –
for we can cross-reference one another’s survival.

Well, that is a sampling of Blushing Aspen.

It is the Sappho’s Corner Solo Poet Series, Volume 4 – Edited by Beth Mitchum. It doesn’t get any better than being in Ms. Mitchum’s company. I’m honored!


It’s summertime, and I suggest a unique and intriguing read. Careful Flowers is my love letter to three generations of women.

Words from Shawn Marie Bryan – Careful Flowers was a stand out for me this past year.

From Jerry L. Wheeler’s “Out in Print” – …never shorting the reader. Part of this is due to her timing and ability to weave some of these disparate threads together, but part of her success also comes from creating interesting characters and letting them work through their paces without author’s interference.

Released late last year, Careful Flowers slipped below the radar of many readers. A thumbnail sketch – it draws many varieties of love and of hatred. It is the story of both valiant and villainous hearts. From the Hippie Era, to the Holocaust – it is a book translated from many yesterdays.

It is the story of Fleur Hamilton, a woman whose life has been careful. Suddenly it all becomes an unknowns. She risks her career, her relationship, and her stability to find her past.

Her odyssey unwraps the lives of her parents, as well as a deepening mystery of their death. As the stories are layered, they converge for Fleur to discover herself. She can then deal with not only her broken relationship, but her future as well.

Careful Flowers and York’s Appointment with a Smile, a 2013 Lambda Literary Award Finalist, are available through Books and Kindle e-books, are also available through Amazon.

If you’re interested in poetry, she is a contributor in an anthology. Check out the best-selling Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series: Wet Violets, Roses Read, and Delectable Daisies Volume’s 2-4. These collections are available through and Amazon.

April’s A’Tossing

April is a’tossing all kinds of great emotional pleasures of the season. It does this every single year.

I really like Vita Sackville-West’s lines from “Spring,” The Garden. She says:
April the angel of the months, the young
Love of the year.

Hey, my bulbs are protruding through earth’s surface. Crocus, tulips and more dots of color. That’s good enough for me. Although I know there will be a little kick or two left from Winter – for the most part – it is a done deal. Mentally, I’ve got my garden planned and planted. My happiness is sprouting like fireworks on the 4th.

The birds are obviously every bit as delirious as I am. This morning they were having an April  sing-along. They make me smile – realizing that smile from the beginning to the end, as my lips curl.

Blossoms, clear skies with the warmth of sun and ‘can do’ attitudes become magical festivals.

I’ve always been sold on Spring. But there is a funny thing about having Colorado’s four seasons. Summer’s turn will find us standing in rows of fresh growth. There is the green herbal  of everything from dill to lavender. And Summer will thrill me.

After Summer is the Autumn bounty of harvest, and the magnificence of fall colors. Then there’s that moment’s rush when large, cleansing flakes of snow drift down. Winter.

Life is certainly a ‘Gee Whiz’ event. I’m glad that Spring has tossed us an April of simple heart pleasures. Those are the joys my life appreciates most.

While it may be April Fool’s Day, I’ll be the first to admit – my soul isn’t fooled one little bit. April’s A’Tossing out days, weeks, and months of wonder.


Copyright: Kieran York 2014


Kieran York’s latest fiction is Careful Flowers, available in book form through Books and Kindle e-books are also available through Amazon.

Her romance, Appointment with a Smile, a 2013 Lambda Literary Award Finalist, is also available in both book form and e-book through Amazon, Blue Feather Books or Bella Book Distribution.

A new book of poetry is planned for a summer release. Blushing Aspen is a Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series Solo book for 2014 – published by Ultra Violet Love. Her poetry is also published in the best-selling Sappho’s Corner Poetry Series: Wet Violets, Volume 2; Roses Read, Volume 3; and the newly released Delectable Daisies, Volume 4. These collections are edited by award-winning poet, Beth Mitchum. They are available through and Amazon.



A print interview with Kieran York is available by going to: You’ll find it under Featured Author’s Series: Inside the Writer’s Head.

Two blog radio interviews are available through: – click left on Be(h)n’s Bookshelf to find discussion on Careful Flowers and Appointment with a Smile.

VALENTINE TRILOGY Part 2: At the End of the Trail

Kieran York

This second installment in the Valentine Trilogy is primarily about solid, long-term, committed relationships. Last year I issued the disclaimer that my knowledge is limited primarily to ‘trial and error’ affairs of the heart. There were also the times when destiny parted what might have been. So any wisdom comes from the reference point of my years of observation.

This Valentine’s Day, my romance has lasted well over a year. That duration is only enough to say we’re comfortable, and planning. I love and respect her – more than anyone I’ve ever known. She is magnificent. And she is my smiling enchantress. (Smiling Enchantress is the name of my Valentine’s Day poem for 2014. I’ll be posting it on the 14th.)

I honor the couples who have endured. Through it all, they’ve matched up; they maintained their love; and romance has prospered in their care. The couples forging durable relationships  have my admiration. They…

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VALENTINE TRILOGY Part 1: When I’ve Forgotten All the Rest

Kieran York

This begins my Valentine Trilogy. Each part will feature a stanza of “I’ll Remember You” – by Bob Dylan. The magical, mystical words of the legendary poet/lyricist have captured me.

I’ll remember you
When I’ve forgotten all the rest
You to me were true
You to me were the best
When there is no more
You cut to the core
Quicker than anyone I knew
When I’m all alone
In the great unknown
I’ll remember you.
~ Bob Dylan 

The splendor of these words were my inspiration for this trilogy blog. For I was reminded of yesteryear and those magnificent women who have traversed my life. This includes memorable friendships, as well as the rendezvous of intimacy and of goodbyes. Although some highways have parted permanently; many others have been resurfaced throughout the years. All are stories of love.

Gentle memories of the past make their way through the currents…

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