Introducting Scarlet Clover

Introducing Scarlet Clover Publishers!

On Monday authors of Blue Feather Books, Ltd., received an email. The nearly decade-old publishing company is to be dissolved.

For me it was very sad news. A book company would be lost. On a personal note, I grieve for what made Blue Feather Books special – Emily Reed, and the staff of Blue Feather Books, cared. Em cared about the authors and about the readers.

Emily took a chance on my book about a sixty-year old woman finding romance in Appointment with a Smile. She took another chance on a book that was uncomfortable – it talked about two war. There were Hippies and a Concentration Camp – good and evil of life. Careful Flowers might have gone unpublished if not for Em. She is a hero to me, and I thank her and wish her the best.

I wish Em, and all the authors of BFB a happy future. Speaking of authors, and the world of publishing – there are so many magnificent women providing today’s Sapphic literature. I’m so very proud to be part of this ‘golden era’ of words.

Ann Bannon wrote a few books that changed many of our lives. Emily Reed reconstructed a publishing company – and gave so many of us an opportunity. Beth Mitchum created not only her own brilliant work, but she’s promoted women’s poetry and fiction with her amazing publishing company, Ultra Violet Love, and Sappho’s Corner Series.

Blazing the way in the enormity of Sapphic literature, these leaders have forced the best in us. As writers and as readers. Each book written makes a commitment to the future. So I thank all those who read and who write. I also thank the Reader – they support our cause.

For me there is no competition. I truly admire each of the publishing houses, and the authors. We all make one another better, and stronger. So let’s keep constructing words, and our love of the scrambled alphabet. I wish you all good fortune.

Monday, after reading the email that took a little part of my heart, I became determined to contribute in some way to Sapphic writing. I put a dream together in my mind. I’m a technologically imperiled. Uncertain how I could realize this dream, I talked with my mentor and dear friend, Beth Mitchum. She has always encouraged me. And that was when Scarlet Clover was born.

The name, Scarlet Clover – well, yes, it is after my dog, Clover. The scarlet part – well, I know that red clover comes in varieties. Scarlet (the most intensely red), crimson, and pink. My sister loves the Scarlet Clover.

Fields of Scarlet Clover are not bashful.


17 thoughts on “Introducting Scarlet Clover

  1. All the best to you. I know that though you’ll miss the fine folks at Blue Feather, going indie will be barely a pebble on the road you’ve traveled. You and Clover will do just fine.

  2. Congratulations, Kieran, I know you’ll do well. I will miss Blue Feather Books as they always published wonderful books and introduced me to several new authors. Keep your dream alive and continue to add to the depth of lesbian literature.

  3. Kieran, you and Clover will do wonderful things. I’m sure of that as well as looking forward to reading whatever comes out of that beautiful mind of yours. Congratulations and many hugs.

    • Thanks, my dear friend and fellow-blue feather woman. I think we’re both on our launching pads. With your writing, no matter what path you take – it’s going to be an awesome and great trip!

  4. Way yay, Kieran! It’s a whole new world when you’re in charge. Not unlike working for a company vs. self-employed, but I have no doubt you’ll make the leap with flying colors. This is me standing, whistling, applauding you. (Okay, maybe not whistling because I don’t do that well. But puckering up and lip-synching the whistle at very least.) You go girlfriend!

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