VALENTINE TRILOGY Part 3: It Was You Who Understood

This is a reblog from last year when I’d explored the definition of love. So what is love? The best answer I personally could come up with was: It is all speculative conjecture. Translated: I got nothing.

The emotion of love covers such a huge area. Perhaps each definition differs for each love affair. Each woman in my life has been and is a poem. Certainly not an object, nor have I objectified women.

My search has always started with the heart beginning its bloom. It ends with the majesty that spreads petals as the sun hits and sprays radiance. The person’s energy, truth, kindness, and love, are essential.

Forgive me if I idealize women. It’s my calling, I like to believe. As for love – poetical expertise only expresses what is felt by one singular poet. Is anyone rational when love is involved?

Maybe reminiscence is the great categorizer of emotion. How we feel about love – after the fact – might be most valid. Understanding before, during and after, is sought.

The third stanza of Bob Dylan’s “I’ll Remember You” is about understanding.

I’ll remember you
When the wind blows through the piney wood
It was you who came right through
It was you who understood
Though I’d never say
That I done it the way
That you’d have liked me to
In the end
My dear sweet friend
I’ll remember you.
~ Bob Dylan 

I’m more convinced than ever – if it is love – it is never less. In my years I’ve come to realize that love impersonates a fragile latch. Love, like life, is perishable. Years ago, death took the love of my life. The loss of a woman I adored became a story I told in my novel, Appointment with a Smile. I had believed that life’s ‘piney wood’ emptied my future.

This Autumn, I could have lost one of my best friends – an ex. She is a woman with whom I spent a decade of my early life. After the breakup, our friendship has remained for the past three decades. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer. Now, after surgery, and radiation, my dear friend is doing well, and the prognosis is good. Another reminder to show love.

Why do I mention loss in a Valentine’s blog? Because the one thing I know about love is that it is an enormous gift. Yet we must never forget it is a tentative and interim gift. Taking love in an embrace, and holding on tightly, is one of existence’s truest luxuries.

I believe being cognizant of time is vital to life itself. Treating one another with love and respect is crucial – for we are impermanent. The value of loving can never, ever be diminished. Smile at your lover, as if it were the last smile. Make it matter. Secure each gaze – don’t merely glance. Taste lips tenderly, and be present in that kiss.

And if love ends – I hope there is letting go with love. If both people leave the relationship with respect for one another, friendship is possible.

Fortunately, most of my past loves have converted to lifelong friendships. There is only one estrangement now – and that will remain a permanent estrangement. Post-breakup behavior is revelatory about character.

My experience recommends letting go with love whenever possible. This is important for many reasons. Naturally, a conversion to friendship is exceptionally great. Second – cupids might decide to return.

I am fortunate and blessed. I am thankful that a love of many years ago has returned. The opportunity for romance was provided because we had let go with love. Effortlessly, love simply returned. What a great tribute to mutual respect.

You to me were true….At the end of the trail….It was you who understood.
~ Dylan must have known me when he wrote this song.

Examining what I do know of love – well, we should be kind to one another. Enjoy the moment of love, be swept away with one another for as long as life allows. Cherish the exquisite emotion that is love. Tumbling toward the center of one another is the best ride ever.

Never giving up on finding love is a reaffirmation that we are there for romance. Brand new love, lost love, longtime love, or reestablished love – it is to be venerated, esteemed, fostered, and protected.

I’ve come to value sweet, gentle, and loving moments – where love lives. The treasury of love is abundant. I recognize the glory, the unique charm, the soul’s serenity, flame-fueled passion, and other of love’s secret ingredients.

No – I still don’t have the definitive meaning of love. What is most important is that I know love. Did I happen to mention how truly blessed I am?

I wish happiness to all – every single one – those women who have touched my life. I wish happiness to all of you reading this. May everyone find, relish, and appreciate their special ‘designer’ love.

Yes, I still do believe in angels. And I shall forever believe in love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Now and Always!

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13 thoughts on “VALENTINE TRILOGY Part 3: It Was You Who Understood

  1. You lied. You said you didn’t know what love was. But love is tenderness and smiles. Love is passion and trust. Love is treasuring the people who light up our hearts. I’m so happy that you have love back in your life.

    • Mary Anne, thank you. Your words are poetry. I’m fortunate to have ‘return’ love. Or is it ‘second time around’? Anyway, yes, I’m lucky. Hugs. And Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. A most beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing it. Your reminder that “being cognizant of time is vital to life itself. Treating one another with love and respect is crucial – for we are impermanent” is a lesson we all should pay close attention to. You are amazing and thank you for sharing your lovely words.

    • Thank you, Bev. I appreciate your comments more than you know. You and KC are a rock star couple. Please tell KC, and to you, Happy Valentine’s Day for me. And Clover sends HVD greetings to Ms. Lilliput. Hugs.

  3. That was beautiful… I mean it !
    I’ve know “Oh so many different kinds… of love!” Young love, crush love, group crush love
    ; ) unrequited love, long term monogamous love, deeply friendly love, disproportionate love, lost love, and finally honest love !
    I think every love is special and so… shouldn’t every love story be a different love story ?
    Poetry is love, too!! And I’m thrilled, that it is !!!
    Love you my friend …jaynes ; )

  4. Jaynes, you just wrote a beautiful love poem! And anyone who reads your poetry knows that you consider poetry to be love. How could they not? Love you too, my dear friend. Hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Tarra, thank you, my friend. Coming from you – high praise. I consider your historical romance, The Blondness of Honey, a masterpiece of romantic literature. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

  6. This was simply lovely, Kieran. Such tender, earnest thoughts. It’s a wonder how anyone could have let you go.

    I’ve lived a charmed life where love is concerned. A childhood crush on a teacher when I was too young to even know it was a crush, and no feelings of affection afterwards until I met my first and only love with whom I remain hopelessly smitten. So, perhaps, I don’t have a proper perspective, but I think you are right in everything you say just the same – especially concerning the choices we make and cherishing the time we have. For certain, love is not frivolous, and whenever I’ve witnessed it being treated with frivolity in others, love has been fleeting.

    It brightens my life to know yours is filled with love, Kieran. Thanks for sharing. Truly.

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