At times it seems that we are surrounded by war. Explosions rob us of one another. Countries, with mad posturing, aim their threats across the world. And I go along with little-to-no understanding of war.

I caught the flowing thoughts that stampeded through my mind. War Cloud Words is written with pain, with hurt, and with ingredients I admit not to know how to decipher. My vision of a world filled with war cloud words has a flip side. I can also hope for humanity’s long reach to finally hold a sky filled with love and peace.


Words, no louder than a wasp emits, were sighed.
Vividly detailed hatred shouted its message.
Each nation’s declaration was galvanized with stealthy resolve.
When trepidation converted to fear –
terror became a shiver announcing there was no way back.
Such a small deed was required – barely a blemish.
Watchdogs suffered from the violent feeding frenzy.
A veiled cradle had been leavened into time’s mud.
Metal twisted stick-figures.
Uncoiled trinkets were barely identifiable as they
anonymously cascaded to earth.
Hollowed-out lands, homes, people were estranged
from their mission of life.
Death remnants of pungent air, and hovering souls
were reinvented.
Exalted, vile, and evil laughter claimed sad victory.
A desolate calendar continued digging earth.
Naked flame of once bright ceremony
duplicated blisters of excruciating agony.
Life was haunted by love converging
in a cobwebbed corner.
Delusion invaded destiny.
Rushing away was the fake charisma
of a well-armed circus barker.
All songs smashed into their own silent stone of anguish.
No one had truly conquered the darkest day ever created.
War exploded – while love imploded.
Emotions were folded between crease of flesh.
Drills scratched the globe to find the depths of blood.
Hate’s taste had forever fouled the air.
Yet perfumed trails of love curled toward heaven.
If we pressed our lips to kindness,
would unkindness not hide?
Such a searing microcosm had ushered in disruption.
The clasp of love could assuredly will peace with simplicity
and with the majesty of perfect care.
Yet villainy intruded with deliberate intent
to scar that very decency and carve it away
Hostilities, so chaotic and cruel seemed ever-present.
So honorable was trust and benign hearts.
Prayer from the sky above sent utterances of charity.
And war cloud words were shrieking ever louder.
At least until the world became weary of listening.
And then without contrition,
without pseudo-justice,
yet with compassion for victim, and not villain –
reason lived.
The sky cleared.

COPYRIGHT: Kieran York


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8 thoughts on “WAR CLOUD WORDS

  1. Hi Kieran,
    I pray compassion returns and all this stops. Your words were appropriate for our current world situations.
    Also, you need to change the Blue Feather link as its not launching to the site. Hope things are well in CO.

  2. Hi Pam,
    Thank you for your comment. I may have fixed the link – I’ll check again. Things are wonderful – every couple days we get a couple days of snow…but it is lovely. Hope things are good in your neck of the woods.

  3. Every generation of man has heard those War Words and yet we turn a deaf ear. In war all sides lose. Those that whisper those bloody words need to learn the lessons that history can teach.

  4. Yes, Maf. We don’t seem to listen to yesterday’s lessons. I have never understood evil, war, or even ‘mean’ girls. Maybe that’s part of why I write. I’m working it out in my mind. Thank you for your comment, my friend.

    • Thank you for your comment, Rachel. This time we’re living in is certainly providing moving emotions. And your great words also always move me. Keep your books coming, my friend..

  5. This is such a moving piece.Every sentence is visually intense. I think writing is a good way to try and make sense out of the senseless. With all of the hatred, fear, ego, greed, and posturing that has always been, I often wonder if the sky will ever clear.
    This left me with hope once again. Thank you for writing this timely piece.

    • Lisa, thank you so much for your comments. I loved your statement ‘hatred, fear, ego, greed, and posturing’ because that says it all. I appreciate your response, my friend. And please keep writing!

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