Century Link Stink

Century Link Stink – Plenty Awful!

Century Link touts quick speed. For the ten days I was without landline and internet service, I heard their commercials bragging about how Century Link offers speed. Well, as a dissatisfied consumer – the REPAIR  service ain’t so speedy!

No, there was no major catastrophic reason (storms, floods, etc.) for being without service. Nor was there anything other than poor management and incompetence that was prohibiting the repairing.

On Tuesday, Jan. 6, my internet failed. I called the repair line, and found out that my landline was also gone. Then I was transferred to another consultant. I couldn’t understand much of the conversation. I was told that there was a power outage and service would be out until Saturday, Jan. 10th. I thought I hadn’t heard correctly.

When Saturday rolled around, my service was not resumed. Then, I was told by a hotshot (not so much) PR (hardly) guy named FitzDavid that they couldn’t get a repair person until the 14th. Nine days without service. And Fitzy was such a jerk – I gave up the argument saying that it was inexcusable, and terribly lame to treat consumers in such a way.

Wed., the 14th, came around, I was told that they were short of repair folks. Company foresight is such a wonderful thing. So, it was the next day when my service was finally repaired.

Power outage? Maybe. But what was happening, I found out later, was that Century Link was putting up something called Prism. They’d been hawking a new TV system, and as they attempted to get that developed, the land line system was destroyed, and they hadn’t hired enough properly trained folks to handle the crush.

And the person who had been a customer for thirty-five years could sit without phone and internet. For ten days – that’s one third of the month, we could pine over the ads on TV telling about fast internet. We didn’t have any internet at all – not even slow internet. And no phone service to boot.

The quote ‘Let them eat cake.’ popped into my mind. What the flummery! Corporate America deserves a rant. My landline phone and network provider deserves my wrath.

I hate to complain. Really I do. I usually just let it go. I don’t have time to stand in a ‘complaint’ line, nor do I have time to write a blog about ten days without a service that a corporation pledged to the PUC and FCC that they would keep operable.

However, suppose it was an elderly person with only a landline connecting them to emergency operations? Suppose it was a single mother, depending on that landline?

The corporate overseers will keep gouging the corporation to get their enormous salary. They will spout their jingle-jangle lies and cover-ups. Whose fault was it? Lower rung employees? A construction company was digging and hit a wire? Or maybe it was greedy corporate America unwilling to spend the money to prevent the problems that they create, and fail to take care of.

Century Link gets a failing grade. If it was a damaged cable – it should have been fixed in a proper and timely manner. The consumer deserves the service that the provider promised the PUC and FCC that they would deliver.

Hold the line while I evaluate the service, I heard that message for days. Well, I’m evaluating the Century Link service. I’m sending missives to the FCC, PUC, Colorado Attorney General -consumer division, AARP, Colorado Consumer Line, and various investigative media platforms.

The Century Link Stink needs to be aired!

Have a nice day!


5 thoughts on “Century Link Stink

  1. Copy and paste this whole blog to their customer service, then tag on the bottom that you’d like compensation. A third of a month payment back, plus a free month for your trouble!

  2. I’d post the blog to their Facebook page. I’ve checked and they do have one that touts their wonderful service. And call their billing department first thing tomorrow and if they don’t put a credit on your bill ask to speak to a supervisor and keep going up the line until someone agrees to credit your account or provide you with something to make up for your inconvenience. Take names and ask for an incident or report number so you can track the progress of your interactions with them. Having worked at a Customer Service desk I know that all major companies have systems to track and record every call they receive. Good Luck.

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