Lighthearted Yesteryear

Childhood should be a time of lighthearted days. This is often the case, and sometimes not. But I invite you to take a rhyming journey with me – for a feel-good glance back.


All aboard for yesteryear land.
If you wish to go, please take my hand.
We’ll wander along to distant treasure.
We’ll journey back to homespun pleasure.
Close your eyes, dream of skies
blue and clear, have no fear.
You’re the captain of your ship.
And off we’ll go on our little trip.
Hang on tight with all your might.
We’re going right to see the sight.
Huge balloons and candy canes,
sugar dolls on gumdrop lanes.
Kids on parade drink pink lemonade.
Bright blue bicycles race gleaming red tricycles.
Hop aboard a merry-go-round.
Listen to the hurdy-gurdy sound.
A Jumping Jack has licorice in a sack.
A tiny red fox plays in a sand box.
With candy bars and toy cars,
and a kaleidoscope for color’s design,
and a giggle says that all is fine.
Animal crackers eat jelly beans.
Lollypop signs point to silly scenes.
Inside castles there are kings and queens
celebrating Christmases and Halloweens.
We’ll have great times in this place I know.
We’re all captains and we can row
across the sea of make-believe we’ll go.
With court jesters, and acrobats
we’ll all wear special funny hats.
Hoist away, spread the sails.
We shall wait for husky gales.
They’ll float our ship across the blue.
We’ll travel ever and ever anew.
When we arrive at our own special land
we’ll wiggle our toes in glittering sand.
There will be gifts galore
inside a huge toy store.
We’ll hear music and song
and know we belong.
Here comes the cake
hear the squeals we’ll make.
Now comes the shakes, malts, and soda pop.
If we spill, whoops, here comes the mop.
Candy will sprinkle out from the sky.
Paper airplanes swirl as they fly.
Chocolate, gingersnaps and laughing we are.
We’ll charge up a mountain to touch a star.
After all, it isn’t that high.
Not if we reach and really try.
We’ll run in the meadow, then climb a hill.
We’ll eat Cracker Jacks until we get our fill.
We’ll jump and run; then waltz with the sun.
When night has come and day is done,
we’ll wander on home and hop in our beds.
We’ll pull up the covers and then the spread.
Tucked into bed by kind, gentle hands
we’ll return to our own special lands.
We’ll wake blurry-eyed to wait for our friends.
And off we’ll travel around twisting bends.
Back to our place,
we’ll hasten to race.
Hear the train coming, clickety-clack –
coming down the well-worn track.
It will pick us up to take us shipside.
We’ll ready our departure to take a ride.
There are flowers with colors all aglow.
The hills ahead spread like a huge rainbow.
We’ll pluck new petals each as they bloom
from a magical flower in our playroom.
Childhood is bright as all the sun’s rays.
So let’s recall the best of our sweet days.
A childhood with love and without fear
is the best kind of lighthearted yesteryear.

COPYRIGHT: Kieran York 2013



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