Life is a chuckle a moment….

Good late morning,

Well, as it happens the Colorado sky could use a shower to help with the wildfires. Bone dry around here, which means I’m going to be doing my dyke impression and taming the yard. The intricacies of a small garden are mind-boggling. 

As a fledgling tech, I lean on my Tech Goddess…etc., to guide me through. Now, I’ve been cut loose to mire around in my own little word fling. Here goes: personal complaints are at a minimum. For instance, the mystery is moving ahead nicely. This evening I’ve got a phone date with a Muse Goddess. Nothing around the house has fallen in on me. Clover the Schnauzer is resting near my desk. All is great.

In case you aren’t familiar with my books – I’m more of a gravel-dirt road kind of woman, and less of a freeway chic. For starters, all the alcoves of my mind are jammed with years and years and years of not quite articulated ideas. The years and years was a hint that I’m looking back aways.

I came to FB kicking and screaming. But I absolutely love it. My pals are amazing. Everyday I’m informed, chuckles are produced, and friendships bond. I’ll admit, I’m was old-school and when my dos system crashed, I wanted to pitch that old IBM to one or the other oceans. And when I brought it back to life – there became a kinship with the techo world. 

Now I’m blogging. Thanks, Meli, you may have created a blog-monster. And I hope anyone reading this grants their indulgence while I get my sea-legs. 

I’d like to talk about uplifting things mostly. Once in a while, I refer back to some of the sayings that made me think. One of my all-time favorite books is Humbolt’s Gift. A quote: “Maybe America didn’t need art and inner miracles. It had so many outer ones.” 

I read today’s Sapphic literature and the wonderous poems, and I think the isle of Lesbos was a precious seedling, planted with love. And right now, today’s splendid writers are the full-bloom deal.

And we have the technology to share. This earth is one heck of a great ride!     







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