What naughty words are we talking about?

I have so many bright, interesting Facebook friends. One of my most valued friends, Lynda, is both bright and interesting. A couple of days ago she commented that a male conservative posted that she shouldn’t use the word vagina if she wanted to be a feminine woman.

What does one do with that?

By what standards is it correct for a woman to be filtered via a gag in order to be feminine? Not able to use the word vagina for fear of not having female tendencies. What?

I embrace my womanhood. Being feminine or having a female tenderness is an extraordinarily positive trait. Is our personhood down to what word we use to express body parts?

And are gynecologists allowed to say vagina? What do we say to our gynecologist? Doctor, could you lift the hood, check the gaskets, and test our spark plugs? Darn thing is missing out. Starting slowly. Just not as charged up as usual.

I ask what is unfeminine and evil about saying the word. It’s a medical term for a woman’s body part. The standardized description is that it is the passage leading from the vulva to the womb of a woman.

Yes, the First Amendment allows the male every right to express whatever he likes. And allows me to counter. I’m wishing folks would stop policing language and love. There is room for critics censors – et al. There is a huge block of language space to be used for dumb on the epic-of-life wall.

I’m wondering if the male who rejects women’s femininity when they say vagina might be the same playground kid who laughed at all things sexual. Naughty words were hidden, dirty sins. With a capital S – that could also be used for sad.

And the truth be told, I’m not overly excited about male genitals being called junk. I have more respect for all parts of the body. Male and female. Reproduction moves civilization along. And I don’t believe junk enters into that. However, I don’t tell the males using the term that it mars their manhood. 

I do observe it as a ‘woe is me’ moment.

The trash collector is due today. I’m going to pitch a final parcel of junk into the receptacle. Then I’m going to make up a song with vagina included. Vagina doesn’t have many rhyming words. 

Your truly, Just Another Vagina


8 thoughts on “What naughty words are we talking about?

  1. Argh….couldn’t stop thinking about what rhymes with vagina after reading this. Here’s my dubious effort:

    If you drink from fine china,
    You can’t use the word vagina,
    You really must be kinder,
    In case you give someone angina.

  2. I have a vagina and I live in South Carolina, and nothin’ could be finah! (Best Boston accent there). That’s my poetic contribution for the day. Amazing blog post.

  3. OK,, politeness usually forbids, but… Read at your own risk

    There is a ladypart called vagina
    Not letting me say it is kinda
    Like encouraging slang
    To name your own thang
    Just poker ‘n’ balls, ya daft old timah…

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