Why Don’t Lesbians and Gays, Etcetera, Go to Hell!

A re-blog!

Sinners are told to make reservations, be packed up, and ready to hop on the slipper-slide ride down to hell. Upon their demise.

I don’t know about my sisters and brothers, but I can’t follow directions to the nearest convenience store – much less some fictional flame pit that laps at our souls.

However, upon contemplating it – it might not be a terrible alternative lodging. If as all the bigots espouse, they are going to fill the rafters of heaven – it’s probably already over-populated. A little ‘no vacancy’ sign would light up as I neared the outskirts of the celestial heavens.

And if it didn’t? Well, I’d rather reject my invitation. I don’t even like a chat with an intolerant crowd. Gives me a headache. And a heartache. So why would I waste eternity when my ears hurt from the hatred spewed?

Maybe hatred is synonymous with hell.

So I’m planning on going to hell, like the haters promise that I, and my ilk, will indeed be located, post-life. And the haters have done their job in prepping us for hell with their blistering bullying and their searing words.

Since my body isn’t bikini perfect, maybe I should just pack a t-shirt and cargo shorts for the soul vacation’s sweltering. A mug of iced-tea and a six-pack of cool brews would be nice, too. And if it got too hot, I’d like a fellow traveler to stand beside me, so we could shade one another.

Could be that’s it! Maybe shade, and warmth are the answers to what happens here on this glorious planet we share. If we shade one another, and if we warm one another, perhaps there is hope.

A poem I revere is titled “Birches” by Robert Frost. I’m going to borrow a few of his exquisite lines: I’d like to get away from earth awhile And then come back to it and begin over. May no fate willfully misunderstand me And half grant what I wish and snatch me away Not to return. Earth’s the right place for love: I don’t know where it’s likely to go better.

Much of the Holy Bible is poetry, and much poetry is my personal Bible.

I’m resigned to being the person a loving creator plunked down here. So, I’ve got my marching orders when final directives approach. Grab my gardener’s hat to shield my eyes from the fire’s glow; a nice pair of sandals to give some protection against the lava’s spit and spume; and an ice tray. Okay, I’m an optimist.

I’m uncertain if I belong in hell because someone says all my sisters and brothers and I should be there. And even if I planned on, per instruction from the haters, going to hell – I probably couldn’t find the damned place. I’ve been known to read maps upside down.

Hope I always remember what the elderly, white-haired prophet said about earth being the right place for love. Love I can easily locate.     




14 thoughts on “Why Don’t Lesbians and Gays, Etcetera, Go to Hell!

  1. What a beautiful piece.
    I have to tell you that when I was in high school I had a very wise nun who taught my religion class in senior year. She taught us that hell was the absence of Love. And when you think of any form of immortal existence that is totally devoid of love, especially God’s, you can understand that definition.
    That being said hell is not the place for you.
    If you are with all your brothers and sisters you will be in your paradise.

  2. Is it only me or does anyone else want a love button for replies such as Mary Anne’s above?! Kieran, you nailed it beautiful woman bound for Hades and it would be my pleasure to tip toe on the hot sands o Hell with you! I have sunscreen (will eventually travel) and a bunch of those little umbrellas to put in our drinks!

  3. Great blog, you. I love the images and the reasoning. It will be wonderful to catch up with so many terrific people! And, btw, hang with me cuz I can cast a lot of shade!

  4. So very nice! I finished reading with a light heart and an optimistic sense of the human condition. I’ve come to realize something about hate that often goes unnoticed. It takes a lot of hard work. Time and again, when I’ve come up against a palpable sense of hatred, it’s come with equal measures of ignorance and a hurting soul, but those times when it’s reared its head again, I’ve seen that those poisoning the well have to work damn hard at keeping up the party line. I sometimes wonder how much more they could accomplish if they devoted half their energies to improving the human condition as they did trying to knock it down. Please, keep posting – nothing works better at being grit in the gears of negativity as does a warm spirit and optimistic outlook. And a dash of good humor as well.

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